Ucrete - This is a universal flooring

Floors in food industries must withstand the harshest conditions and need to meet the highest hygienic requirements at the same time. Ucrete industrial flooring is cost effective because it is long lasting, quick and practical to install, meeting all the needs of modern processing industry.

Areas of application

Small and
industrial kitchens
and canteens
Juice presses, soft
drinks and water bottling
Meat, fish and
poultry processing
Canned and preserved
foods preparation
Fruits and vegetables
packaging and processing
Dairies & bakeries
Cold rooms and storing areas

Ucrete - advantages

Durability - excellent impact and wear resistance. Many 20-30-year-old Ucrete floors in aggressive environments are still in service.
Fast application and curing - even at low temperatures, the floor is serviceable after 5 hours at 10°C. It can be applied on 3-day-old concrete, minimizing shutdowns and saving significant money.
Chemical resistance - to strong acids to alkalis, fats, oils and solvents which can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring.
Hygienic, clean and safe - HACCP certified , it is hygienic as it can be cleaned to same level as stainless steel. Certified with the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard for low emissions, it’s non-tainting and not smelling, meaning no delays in restarting operations.
Anti-slip properties - Safety of working personnel is ensured by a wide range of anti-slip surface textures
Water Resistance - Ucrete floor surfaces have full water resistance, preventing the formation of even the slightest crack
Temperature resistance - Heat resistance to 140°C in extreme cases and ability to be steam cleaned. Resistant also to low temperatures, making it suitable for cold rooms.
Antistatic properties - Ucrete toppings have antistatic properties that meet the requirements of the standards systems of Britain and Germany.

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Ucrete is compliant with international standards, including ISO, HACCP and Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold